Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Day In The Life of a Cheeky Chic

Mrs. Cheeky:

The alarm goes off at 6:30. I hit snooze until about 7 then begin the bargaining process with Mr. Cheeky on who should have to get Carter out of bed and ready for school. It's a tough job. If I don't win, I get up, and go straight to the coffee pot. Here is where the morning gets a little brighter. With my warm cup in hand, I head to wake the beast. Carter really is a sweet child, but mornings do not agree with him or me. We also have a major differences in opinions on what he should wear to school. He thinks pants that are too short, with a Star Wars shirt is ok (before any Star Wars lovers write me off let me say, I think Star Wars apparel is fine, just not in combination with short pants) and I'm thinking wind pants (of an appropriate length) with a matching t-shirt would be better. Then we argue about what he'll eat for breakfast, weather or not he's going to brush his teeth, why it's not cool to go to school with your hair sticking up in 3 different places. Hey, kids can be cruel people!

And we don't want to scare the innocent children.....

We hop in the car, after what feels like an eternity, and make the nearly 1 mile drive to school. I try and calm myself before pushing him out the door at the drop spot and he'll say, "Mom, I'll love you all day and all night today. Can we play baseball when we get home?" Then he tells me to have a good day. It's easy to put on a smile after that.

The rest of my day is smooth sailing from there. Evan is usually up once I get home and ready to eat. We plan for trips to the museum, grocery store, visiting friends, or just hanging out at the house. He's really a fun kid to hang out with.

At about 3:00 we'll make our way back to the school because it's time to pick up big brother. Depending on how the day went will determine his mood. Usually Carter is a pretty happy kid. And if he's unhappy about anything, picking up his baseball glove and playing catch usually solves the problem. After playing in the front yard we'll either come in for homework, snacks, and preparing dinner or we'll head to the studio for music lessons. At the studio Carter will work on piano or violin while Evan plays around on his own special keyboard in his own special practice room. Shawn will take the boys home after he's done teaching and I'll keep shop until 8:00. Usually once I get home the house is quiet, the boys are asleep, and it's what I like to call, my sweet sweet TV time. Laying on the couch, flipping channels until bed time is one of the highlights of each day. My little reward.

Tomorrow, what a day in the life of Evan might be like.....
(You'll want to know about this, it involves lots of costume changes, emotional ups and downs, and wrestling moves disguised as affection.)