This is me.  Just a normal girl who married her camp counselor.  Totally normal right? We have three wonderful boys.  Each one is unique and special to us.

I started this blog to chronicle all the mishaps, memories, and silly things said on a daily basis.  I tried scrapbooking and quickly found out I wasn't cut out for such a task.  It was too messy and little hands like to get into all the cool supplies like special markers, millions of tiny scraps of paper, and scissors with cool blades.

Once digital photography became the big thing I tried (am trying) printing pictures with the same efficiency as film and it too was just not working out.  I have digital photos on my computer from when Carter was born that I have yet to print.  Plus, once I print them I'd have to organize them, put them in albums, and store them.  Where do you store that many albums?  If our house ever caught on fire I wouldn't grab the millions of albums, I'd grab my computer.  So why then have I been stressing out about writing everything down in a baby book for each kid with cute pictures and photo captions?  I am so much better on the computer.  In fact, I can spend hours in front of the computer.  (I don't.  Well, not every single day.)

My blog will work as a virtual baby book for Jonah, and a memory keeper for things that Carter and Evan do and say.  It will work as an online recipe organizer (If I ever take the time to write down what I cook and how I cooked it.)  I hope it's a reminder to not take life to seriously.  And perfection...well, I know I'm a terrible speller,  I haven't taken a grammar class in many many years, and life sometimes may get in the way of posting something new in the blogosphere.  You know what though, I'm perfectly fine with that.  Life can't always be perfect, but it can be perfectly fine.  (It's a lesson my mom taught me and I have to remind myself of this little truth daily.)

I'm also a Christian......screeeeeecccchhhhh.....chirp...chirp...chirp...  Hello, are you still there?

Please don't be turned off by that statement.  If Christians usually make you turn the other direction give me a second chance.  I'm totally normal remember.  Yes, I read the bible and pray daily.  We go to church and I even sing in the choir.  My husband, Shawn, is the choir director/song leader and he teaches our small group class on Thursday evenings.  Clearly God is a big part of our life.  As soon as I admitted to myself that's the direction I wanted my life and our family to go in, everything has been easier.  Life has been good.  I really do believe that God is the answer.  Who's really quite simple.  And oh how he's blessed me!  Just look at those sweet smiling faces.


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