Monday, November 14, 2011

What's For Dinner

I read this blog every week. I'm a natural meal planner and organizer so when I found this blog I fell in love. Plus, I've won two of her giveaways. It's always fun to win something. Now that I'm adjusting to life with a newborn and two other children I'm back in the kitchen. It makes me feel one step closer to my "old self". So, here's what I'm cooking this week.

Monday: HEB Deli Turkey cranberry salad wraps on whole wheat tortillas. ( I love the Mission brand whole grain tortillas ) with a tomato and feta cheese salad.

Tuesday: Pancetta Leek Pasta & Salad

Wednesday: Broiled Salmon Teriyaki , Cilantro brown rice (maybe I'll post the recipe some time), and steamed green beans.

Thursday: We attend small group at church for a little Bible studyin' and eatin'. We eat every time we're at church it seems.

Friday: Shawn is playing piano for an event located downtown. Carter is going with a friend to Chuckie Cheese to celebrate going up a reading level for their AR program. Evan and I will probably eat some left over soup from the freezer.

Saturday: Hopefully I'll get Shawn to take me out...or all of us out. Or maybe we'll just eat Pizza. The kids have been wanting to watch Captain America in our home theater/garage and eat pizza.

Sunday: ...I can't plan this far in advance...

**Post edit** The pancetta leek pasta was delish. We had zero leftovers. Good thing I wasn't planning on eating it for lunch the next day.

Jonah's 1st Photo Shoot

Sunday, in between crying, pooping, eating, more crying, and a little sleeping my mom and I tried doing a photo shoot with Jonah. He's 4 weeks old, so I feel like these can hardly be called newborn photos, but getting to things of this nature are difficult for me. I wasn't too pleased with most of our pictures, but after editing them to the best of my ability I'm a little happier. Maybe within the next few days I can stage a few more photos and hopefully get something to frame soon. Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Sick House

Our house has been the sick house for a few days now. Sunday afternoon Carter started throwing up and within an hour Evan was throwing up too. Jonah and I escaped to my mom and dad's to avoid the plague. When stuff like this happens Shawn immediately goes into pandemic mode. He wears a surgical mask, rubber gloves, and enters a room with two cans of Lysol as his weapon of choice. A neighbor across the street kept giving me updates on how many times Shawn was going outside to wash out trashcans. Poor thing!

I came home at one point, leaving Jonah behind with my parents, to find Carter walking through the house naked looking for more toilet paper. The back view of his sick little body was NOT CUTE! He had made a huge mess in his bed and was worried he would get in trouble. I put on my surgical mask and gloves and stripped the bed. Yuck. I do not do these things well. The whole time I gagged and prayed I wasn't going to get sick.

When I came home Monday night Shawn had come down with a cold and was pitiful in bed. Thankfully there is a twin bed in Jonah's nursery that I've been using the past few nights. Just to be safe I'll probably sleep there again and continue to disinfect light switches, door knobs, sinks, and countertops for a while longer. It's hard to tell if they're still sick or not because both boys are running around like crazy maniacs fact, Carter and Evan are wrestling in the back yard as I type. Thankfully they still have their shirts on.

I don't have a picture of the sick ones for this post. It was too gruesome to share. I do however have the sweetest picture of Carter from a few years back when he was sick. He was chosen to represent his class for a school wide coronation and ended up getting sick sick sick the day of the show. It was too late to get a backup so he had to follow through with his duty. He was so sweet and mild mannered that day. Sometimes I wish he was always just a little sick.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Relay For Life 2011

This past weekend was Relay For Life. I have a strong connection to this event not only because it's fun and raises a lot of money for the American Cancer Society, but because both sides of my family have been touched by cancer. I also have been the Event's co-chair in my community two years in a row. This year, with the birth of Jonah, I had to take a step back when it came time for the actual event. It was hard to let go of the control I like to maintain. (I like control.) The American Cancer Society staff and my other co-chair did a great job picking up the slack that I left when I had Jonah. In my opinion though the event wouldn't have gone as well without my mom and her role on the Relay For Life Committee. I felt like she was a lot of the glue that held the event together and she was a tremendous help! Thanks mom for all your hard work!

My Aunt Helen was there for the...oh, I don't know how many years in a row... She entered Jonah in the costume contest where he placed second.

These guys didn't make it in time for the costume contest because they were eating a hamburger in the food court. In my opinion they would have won for most outgoing. Evan is the Ninja on the left, Carter is the phantom on the right, and Carter's friend is the phantom in the middle.

My mom, my Aunt, and I Relay for their dad, my grandfather, Albert Smith who died of colon cancer over 20 years ago. Luminary bags were given in his honor by all of his daughters and my grandmother.

I also Relay for all the Cancer Survivors who walk the track. Some are surviving for 6 weeks and some are surviving for over 20 years. It's a touching sight to see them all together walking their victory lap.

I love Relay For Life! It's a fun event...even Jonah thought so. But, by about 8:30 we were ready to go home and snuggle together in our big comfy chair.