Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trophies, Cash, and The National Anthem

This Saturday was closing ceremonies for the 2011-2012 basketball season.  Each boy got a trophy before the game.  Carter is used to getting trophies for the various sports he's played, but it's still new to Evan.  Can you see the excitement in his smile?  

Carter played harder than he has in any other game this season.  Why you ask?  It's because Carter was the highest paid player on his team.   After a terrible showing the week before I gave Carter a little incentive to do well. 


 I offered him fifty cents for each rebound.  Shawn threw in that he'd pay him a dollar for every basket made.  Carter seemed pretty excited so I offered to also pay him fifty cents for any stolen passes.  (Can you tell who the cheaper parent is?)

Carter worked harder than I've ever seen in any game this season.  He was the Dennis Rodman of 1st and 2nd grade boys....minus the tattoos, piercings, colored hair, and attitude....well maybe a little attitude. 

He worked hard for every rebound.  He ran up and down the court with speed and determination.  He scored two baskets.  He even got a cramp in his side sometime during the third quarter.  He was sweating!  

Total earnings for the game...$5.50.  

After his game we were all invited to his room for a small ceremony to watch him place his new basketball trophy on the shelf with all his other trophies.  We were all gathered in the room and he starts messing around with his CD player.  Now, if you know Carter you know he's all about the dramatics.  He gets his CD player set, pushes play, turns around, and takes a deep breath as the National Anthem starts.  He slowly turns around and places his new trophy on the shelf as we all watch.  

I think he got a little embarrassed when we started giggling so he quickly turned off the CD player and turned around with his back facing me.  I started to feel bad and waited for some kind of cue on how he would handle this.  He lifts his head, turns to me and says, "I want my money now."


This kid got to carry both trophies out of the gym totally content that he didn't receive any cash.  

Carter and Evan each have one game left in the season.  And, while Evan is happy with a trophy and one final game, Carter and I are negotiating his contract for the last game. 

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