Wednesday, May 6, 2009


There will be no pictures attached to this blog.  What I'm about to tell you is too vulgar for an actual picture.  I'll just have to describe it...

Tonight was just like any other Wednesday evening.  Actually it was better than past Wednesdays.  See, the plan on Wednesdays is to pick the kids up from daycare, go to my parents house, eat dinner, leave the kids there for choir practice, pick them up, and go home.  Usually there is a lot of screaming, whining, crying, and .  Literally, my hair is falling out, but that's a whole other topic.  Anyways, tonight went quite well.  There was little to no screaming, whining, etc.  When my mom and I drove up the street, after choir, Carter, Evan and Gramps were playing in the driveway.  Carter even learned a new skill.  He can now join the rest of the family in the skill of hula hooping.  That's what I should have posted a picture of Carter hula hooping.  We got to eat ice cream (even though I'm no supposed to be.  It was just one scoop.  One small scoop.  Have I justified it enough? Ok, moving on.) And the kids went to the car easily.  It was great.  

We got home and there was still some light out so I decided we could play with the puppies in the front yard for a few minutes before bath time.  Problems arose when the neighbor came to talk to me about our drainage problem.  As soon as my attention was somewhere else the children went awry.  First Evan nearly tortured the puppies.  Carter and Evan were playing some game I've never heard of but apparently it's all the rage, Backgoogone.....that's the phonetic spelling.  The little brown puppy didn't stick around long enough for the game and Evan was scolding it and spanking it's bottom.  I put out that fire and continue to speak with the neighbor about now his drainage problem and how I'm causing it.  Then I look over and Evan has his pants down around his ankles peeing into the street.  WHY? He could have atleast went to the side of the house.  Cars are driving by, people are waving, neighbors are looking out their windows, and Evan's peeing.  Then he can't get his pants up.  It's been muggy.   The best (or worst) part of the story is what happened next.  

There's a walker.  Minding her own business and walking to her iPod.  Evan, still pants down, waddles toward her puppy in tow and so excited to be sharing.  She was shocked, but explained as I ran over there yelling, she had boys too.  Apparently it's just what they do.


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