Friday, May 15, 2009

What's On The Menu

Last night was another successful evening at the Cheek's.  We had what you see above, Chicken drumsticks with a soy sauce glaze and sesame seeds, the best potato salad ever, and an orange chocolate chunk bundt cake with a chocolate sauce on top.  My brother is home for the summer  and joined us for dinner last night.  I'm looking forward to his presence at the remainder of our Thursday Night Dinner at The Cheek's.  

I think we've started a little competition for best dinner of the week between my dad and me.  Wednesday my dad made cheese stuffed burgers (that were huge!) and he heated some frozen potato wedges.  That's right everyone, he re-heated some prepared potatoes from the freezer section of the grocery store.  His burgers were really great though.  

Tyler, in some ways, has volunteered to be our judge.  He said last night Dad's entree was better but my sides and dessert were better.  I'm going claim the victory for this week.  My dad and I have already started our meal planning for next week.  

In a side note to dinner, Carter said something really funny last night.  Shawn and I were watching TV in the living room when we hear Carter calling for us in his room.  Shawn went in and Carter said, "Dad, I can't sleep.  I'm counting sheep but they keep turning into Evan and I just can't take it anymore."  


  1. Give me a little more credit then hamburgers stuffed with cheese. For those that want to know. It was 80/20 chuck mixed with lean venison with finely chopped onions. With worchestershire sauce to taste and seasoned with the right amount of Lowery's seasoning. Cooked perfectly on the grill.
    The potatoes although frozen were arranged perfectly on the cookie sheet. If this has turned into a competition all I can say is watch out!!!

  2. The previous comment credited to me was actually from Mark, the chef. I am gaining weight from all this competitive cooking.

  3. Shawna, So what's it like traveling with two little boys? I bet you have some stories to tell! Checking for something other than chocolate cake on your blog. Love, Aunt Helen