Monday, March 5, 2012

My Family IS a Circus!

I've been a busy mommy lately!

Since my last post...
Both boys had baseball tryouts.
Both boys have had two practices.
(Actually Carter's team has practiced three times.)
We've had three interviews at the studio.
We've started a new Shawn Cheek School of Music blog.
I got a sunburn hanging out by the pool.
We shopped for baseball shoes, pants, and socks. We bought a pitching machine, bat, bucket of baseballs,  two pairs of sun glasses, batting gloves, baseball glove....and now that I'm adding it all up it's a ridiculous amount. (I didn't even name it all.)
Shawn and I consumed approximately 57 pots of coffee.  (7 for me.  50 for Shawn.)
Shawn taught two of our small group meetings at church.  I showed up.
I've read Bossy Pants by Tina Fey and Snow Angel by Glenn Beck. (When might I have had time for this you's how I pass the time while feeding Jonah.)
Jonah is trying his hardest to crawl.
I'm try my hardest not to cry at how big he's getting.

I've done about 400 loads of laundry. (It may not actually be 400, but it feels that way.)
I've run close to 20 miles.
I've done about 1000 sit-ups.
I've lost ZERO pounds.
I was trained to manage the Relay For Life of Waco's website. 
I managed to fall asleep during three movies...J. Edgar Hoover, Tower Heist, and In Time. 
I've driven down the main highway in Robinson dozens upon dozens of times. 

Just writing this post is making me tired and I still have laundry to do.  Shawn's about to drink a pot of coffee and tomorrow will be here before I know it.  Each day is full of a long list of things to do and places to go.  You'd think I need a break, but this life is wonderful and I wouldn't want it any other way. 

Can you relate?

Number one priority for tomorrow is go to the grocery store.  I offered Carter pickles for dinner (it's one of the few things left in the fridge) but he refused.  We had to stop by Subway after his baseball practice and we picnicked on the grass while watching Evan practice.  

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  1. The Subway comment really hit a nerve. Living in our small town and traveling for sports to many other small towns left Subway as our only option many,many times. So many, in fact, I can no longer step foot in one... let alone eat a sandwich. The smell alone makes me lose my cookies!
    So, cheers to mommyhood of three and cheers to many years of busyness! I'd do all those years again if I could. But, as far as Subway goes, I'd have to say No way!

    If Jonah gets any cuter....

    1. If Jonah gets any'll have to make a special trip to come see him?

      We have a few other options here in town, but they all involve a lot of grease. We try avoiding it so Subway it is. I don't love Subway though.