Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break Activities #1

Over the break both boys finally had the determination to learn to ride their bikes.  Carter learned first and that lit a fire under Evan.  A few days after Carter learned, Evan learned.  This is a video from his first independent ride down the street.  

(By the end of the week he wasn't jumping off the bike every time he wanted to stop.)

Carter and Shawn rode their bikes to the Donut Shop for coffee, orange juice, and donuts one morning.  The next morning Carter and I rode our bikes to Rocket Cafe for pancakes.  At breakfast Carter said he feels just like Henry Huggins when he rides his bike to "town".  

Evan likes to cut through the fields behind out neighborhood and ride all around the high school, intermediate, and junior high. He picks up rocks, tennis balls, and other various "finds".  He informed me he needs a backpack for all his treasures.  

Boys and's a beautiful thing!

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  1. It's a good thing donuts and pancakes were worked off with bicycling.

  2. Great video! I can remember all three of mine learning to ride a two wheel bike. In fact, I can remember learning to ride one myself! I think it is one of those milestones that will always be remembered.
    Now, the Auntie in me has to say... helmets please.

  3. Uncle Tyler, who rides in downtown Fort Worth, asked where the helmets were as well. Helmet-less riders get the stare-down.