Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Morning

Thankfully my children value sleep.  Carter and Evan didn't wake up at the crack of dawn.  In fact, after I fed Jonah at 7:45 I decided Shawn should probably get up and start the pot of coffee.  By the time our pot was brewed Carter was up.  He was excited to see some unwrapped gifts under the tree.  

These little puppets were part of the unwrapped group of presents.  What fun they've been so far. 

Here was my little stack.  Carter and Evan each wrapped their own presents to me.  Evan added a little extra embellishment to the paper.  The box from Evan was the new Barnes and Noble Nook.  The gift from Shawn was some perfume I'd been wanting, and the gift from Carter was a pressure cooker.  

Before we woke up Evan I wanted to snap a picture of Carter holding Jonah in front of the tree.  Can you tell how comfortable he is with this?  What looks like a smile on his face is really him telling me to get Jonah through clenched teeth.

Here's Evan after he woke up.  He's a little harder to get going in the mornings. He's not bad, just sluggish.   

Then the unwrapping began.  They were both extremely excited about the two big boxes.  

Inside the big boxes was exactly what they always wanted, matching gaming chairs for the garage/rec room. In Evan's words, "I never knew I needed this.  I'm so excited!"

Evan got these glasses in his stocking.  I think he looks a little scary.  I hope he never wears these to wake me up in the morning. 

Carter got some binoculars.  Real binoculars.  Not toy binoculars.  He was pretty pumped. Also notice the necklace around his neck.  They've been wanting these titanium sport necklaces ever since they watched the Texas Rangers this past baseball season.  

After opening presents we ate breakfast burritos then headed to church.  Jonah was dressed in another one of Tyler's vintage 80's outfits.  The leg warmers are new and pretty funny.  I think he looks like one of Santa's little Elves. 

Shawn's mom and stepdad came over after church for sandwiches and more present opening.  Then his dad followed for dinner and a movie.  It was a full day! 

Before bed I tried snapping off a few pictures of Jonah in the special hand-me-down Christmas outfit, but it was a complete after thought to the day.  I didn't get good lighting, we didn't use a cute blanket, or  choose a time when Jonah was in a good mood.  This was just about the only good picture I got.  

Most of the other pictures have a scary shadow coming at him.  Yikes!

Sneaking up from under him...

Then grabbing him...Ahhh!!!

I mean really, how much effort did I put into this?  I didn't even make the bed. 

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  1. Your kids have great taste in gifts and the first photo of Carter looks like he has an Angel Halo around his head ! I love all the photos of Jonah the Elf and Evan's eyes in the glasses looked about like the rest of us probably felt! It is always nice to get something we never knew we needed! I love Evan's thinking.