Friday, December 23, 2011


Last saturday morning Carter and Evan had their second basketball game of the season.  Carter's league is made up of first and second grade boys.  Evan plays in the kindergarten league that's both boys and girls.  Evan had to adjust to the idea of playing with girls.

Carter's games are exciting.  They move up and down the court pretty quick with some control over the ball and they sometimes make baskets.  See everyone is moving so quick the picture is blurry. 

A lot of what goes on during Carter's games are four boys simultaneously yelling out the name of the one boy who has the ball.  So if Carter has the ball, the other four players are yelling, "CARTER CARTER CARTER". When the ball is passed to another player everyone starts to yell his name.  

Evan mostly likes to "look cool" running up and down the court.  He also likes to tell the other kids what to do.  In other words, he'll pass the ball then yell "shoot...shoot it...SHOOT THE BALL" while pointing at the basket.  He also likes to trap his man under the basket.  Even when the ball moves down the court he likes to keep his man trapped.  His games are pretty funny.  

This is how Jonah likes to attend his brothers games-wrapped as close to my body as possible. 

 It's really not so bad.  The first game last Saturday was at 8:00am.  I had just enough time in the morning to throw on the first thing I saw.  It happened to be a dirty white Fruit of the Loom undershirt and yoga pants.  This sling and Jonah cover those dirty clothes and disguise my flabby tummy area.  

I had time to put on clean clothes for the second game of the day.  I did not have enough time to diet or do sit ups so the flab was still there at 10:00am.  This sling also allows me to jump up and yell things like, "Carter, get the ball,  Carter, get your head in the game, or Carter, you man has the ball."  I'm so laid back at these games.  Carter never gives me the stink eye and asks me to be quiet.  Never.  

Jonah is the only person that doesn't complain when I scream forcefully speak the name "Carter".  I think it's a soothing sound from the womb that makes him feel comforted and secure. He's probably thinking, "ah, mom is yelling at Carter.  All is well with the world."

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Photo courtesy of Evan Cheek. 


  1. And if you are like me... along with the flabby belly you will soon have bleacher butt!

  2. Maybe I need to volunteer as a coach so I don't have to sit in the bleachers and can have a good excuse to walk up and down the sideline screaming.