Friday, December 16, 2011

A Picture of a Picture of a Picture of a Picture (Did you get that?)

This is Jonah wearing the sailboat outfit that belonged to my younger brother Tyler when he was a baby.  Jonah is laying on the blanket that also belonged to Tyler as a baby. 

This is a picture of Jonah holding a picture of Evan, holding a picture of Carter, holding the original picture of Tyler, in the sailboat outfit on the blanket.  Each of the boys is about 2 months old in the picture.  Each of them fills the sailboat outfit out a little differently.  Evan filled it out the most.  

I must take after my Aunt Norma who admitted to her photography laziness in a particular blog post she wrote recently.  If I wasn't so lazy I'd scan in the original photo of Tyler and each photo taken after that for a line up so you could compare their looks.  I'm not going to do that.  I'd have to locate all the pictures (one of which is at my mom's house, in an album that might crumble if I try and unstick the clear barrier protecting the picture.)  I'd also have to scan them in, upload them to the blog, position's  a whole big thing.  

My excuse is I have a baby.  He's a newborn.  He cries a lot.  My time is limited.  That's also the reason I don't wash or brush my hair most days, wear stretchy pants, and have spit up on my shoulder.   So, for a closer look, click on the picture.  If I have any more boys (don't worry I'm not planning to) Tyler's picture will be microscopic. 


  1. Not so lazy! There were four posts already this week. Our expectations were only that amount in a month.

  2. And I love the picture X 4 and the cute face under the hat.

  3. I've had a lot of material lately.

  4. I love this! Now, don't be lazy like me...scan those photos and print them. You will not regret it!I would hope that I could leave a better impression on you than laziness. That Jonah is a cutie-especially in the hat. And hey, all these posts this week... hooray!!