Friday, December 30, 2011


We're on vacation!  Sort of...We're in North Texas visiting family for Christmas.  Shawn, Jonah, and I are sleeping at my cousins house but spending time at my Aunt's.  My camera is at my aunt's, so no new pictures yet.  

Some fun activities have been going on.  

A Lot of cookies have been consumed. 

Plenty of laughter is filling the house. 

The newest part of our family get-together is babies babies babies.  If we could get all the babies in the same the same time...without crying...I'd post pictures.  There's still more time.  It could happen. 

(Hi Auntie Norma!)


  1. Hi Shawna.
    I'm counting on YOU to show me the babies, babies, babies!

  2. Jonah and Rhett have the same clothes! So cute!