Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

I should have written something about the new year on January 1st, however that would have required rest and planning.  I didn't write in January 1st because I was doing this on December 31st. 

That's right people.  I rang in the new year playing Bingo.  Bingo with lucky black eyed peas as place holders.  I also rang in the new year wearing my newest fashion accessory...Jonah.  It's best to be celebrating the new year in the highest of fashion.  

The people I party with....they're family.  

They also wear the latest in fashion design.  See those t-shirts? 

See these glasses?

This might have been the hippest party in all the United States.

We had party poppers. 


...and lots... 

of party poppers.

Now that it's January 3rd I should share with you my 2012 new years resolutions I've been contemplating for 3 days.  I won't though because this blog might make me too accountable for not eating what I said I wouldn't eat, or getting up and doing what I said I should do each morning.  It's just too much pressure. 

One resolution I will share with you however is that I resolve to not put too much pressure on myself this year.  If I start a project I want to finish it.  I do not want to put so much pressure on myself to finish it that in the end I hate the project.  

My resolution is to enjoy my family as much as possible this year.  Next year this guy won't be a baby anymore. 

He'll be one.  He'll be walking.  He'll be talking. He'll be so big I won't be able to wear him as my favorite fashion accessory.  He will never be like this again. 

I want to enjoy everything about Jonah this year.  I even want to take pleasure in the all the poopy diapers and drooled on shirts. 

I resolve to enjoy these two.

Evan will be reading longer books and reading with more fluency.  I'll never again get to hear him read Green Eggs and Ham like he does right now.  I don't want to miss a minute of his sweet personality.  

Carter is getting closer and closer to those teen years.  I've caught him rolling his eyes, wanting to do the "cool" thing, and choosing to hang with friends over Shawn and me.  In 2012 I want to enjoy the moments when he still gets excited about "kid" things like Santa Clause or wanting me to tuck him into bed at night.  

So what if I breakdown and eat something I shouldn't, or miss a day of cardio.  I'm going to let myself off the hook a little this year.  If I miss something it's probably because I'm taking care of my growing and changing family.  Don't get me wrong, I want to challenge myself to be healthier this year. I want to take care of myself and not be last in line.  But, on the days when I just can't get to it, I'm going to forgive myself and move on.  

Happy New Year everyone!  

(I'm also going to keep blogging even though I'm sensitive about being a terrible speller and have not taken a grammar class in about 10 years.)

***Thanks to my mom for most of the pictures in this particular blog post.***


  1. Love it!! I myself need to resolve to be the same way this year. With Braxton being our only one I need to not take those special little moments for granted! Thank you sharing, but mostly thank you for reminding :-)

  2. Only one thing missing from that hip party...US!!
    Cheers to cardio when you can and hugs when ever possible.