Sunday, January 8, 2012

Evan Says, "Let's Be Honest"

Yesterday morning I made a very tasty yet healthy breakfast.  The recipe made exactly 10 mini frittatas.  Evan ate four.  He added enough picante sauce to make most six year olds cry then scarfed them down.  He also ate two slices of turkey bacon, a Cutie orange, and drank two glasses of milk.  I said, "I'm glad you like this very healthy meal Evan." Evan said, "Let's be honest, when you make a healthy meal we like I'll eat a whole lot.  When you make a healthy meal I don't like...I just eat candy." 

I know he has a candy stash...I just have to find it.

And when I find it do you think I'll gather it up and throw it in the trash?

No, I'll scarf every last piece of candy while he's at school.  He can't get mad....if he does he'd be admitting he's had a candy stash all along. 

**The recipe I referenced can be found at the blog Eighty Twenty.  Her philosophy is eat 80% healthy foods and indulge in 20% of the good stuff.  She shares great recipes and tips on leading a healthy lifestyle. I suggest you visit her site and find something to make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.**
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