Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baby Patterned Baldness

Over the past several days when Jonah wakes up in his crib, this is what I see. 

His hair...Tons of his hair.  My poor baby is going bald!  Now, I know this happens to a lot of babies but poor Jonah...He has so few hairs to begin with.  

He's balding in patches like the back of his head and the side.  It's a good thing we live in Texas, because the mullet look he has going on will allow him fit right in at the large multi-purpose chain stores that shall remain nameless.  

In the mean time, he can wear hats while I take a lint roller to his sheets.

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  1. This one cracked me up! That picture of his bed is funny. Leah's pillow always looked like that for years. But now she has a great head of thick curly hair. Now, your Uncle's pillow also looked like that a few years ago...

  2. Years? Hopefully the years of shedding will give him a nice full head of hair that he'll be able to hold on to well into his years.